Why Google Duplex Is Your Future Of AI

If you have not heard, Google has recently previewed it has"Google Duplex" feature for the Google Assistant. Artificial Intelligence is excellent, but Google is taking it into the land of the Jetsons. Before we dive in to explaining how Google Duplex works, I'm convinced there's alot of you wondering"What's Google Duplex?" Clearly, it is linked to Google, however, keep reading to get more information.

Google Duplex At A Nutshell

Ever had a period in life when you wanted you had a personal assistant? Sure, we have Google Assistant, but Google assistant cannot replace an individual being. Or can it? If you've ever wanted somebody who might call the doctors office and schedule an appointment for you but you cann't afford to pay for someone to do that, then you'll love Google Duplex.

Unlike any AI, together with Google Duplex, you wouldn't be able to identify if you are speaking to a robot or a genuine person if you're tried. Google has made this AI sound like a real life individual. Most of the pitches that we make to think about what we're going to say, all the"um's" we try to avert, Google Duplex does everything. Listening to calls, we might not want.

Google Duplex Is The Future of AI Creating The Feature

When making this particular feature for Google Assistant, then Google wanted it to seem as real as possible. We all know that if we received a telephone out of the bot and managed to be aware that it's not just a person we're talking to. We'd probably think it's just some annoying automated service calling us to harass us and then we'd hang up the phone. Google Duplex now solves this problem. A lot of individuals cannot decode whether its a true person or a bot when hearing out of the specific feature.

Why This Is Your Upcoming

While I consider being nearer into the Jetsons, I begin to consider a universe where folks need to put in less effort to do everyday things. A world where we no longer have to do the chores we don't want to really do. It only makes life simpler and eventually lets us have more independence and time of life at the long haul. I will honestly think of many people that this can reap. The attorneys who would just like to spend some time with their kids, but have to constantly make calls to clients.


Artificial Intelligence is becoming more intelligent, pretty soon those dull daily activities will no longer have to be done by you. You will be ready to let your Google Assistant take care of this for you. While this opens the door for less boring tasks, additionally, it opens the door for getting more important things done. If you enjoyed this article, check out our"5 Good Reasons Why You Should Buy A Google Pixel 2" article

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